Fulbright Year in Israel

When I was a kid, my parents took me to an exhibit that was showcasing some fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls. I remember thinking that studying and handling those manuscripts had to be the coolest job ever. Thirteen years later, I’m getting the chance to be that person. Although I haven’t finished all the preliminaries, I will be headed to Israel with a Fulbright grant this October to study the War Scroll (1QM) with Dr. Esther Chazon. My project, “Desert Dramas: A Performative Approach to the War Scroll,” will explore how central Qumran texts like the War Scroll might have had an oral, performative life and been an essential means of creating social memory and identity in Second Temple Jewish life. I’ll use this blog and page to keep everyone updated on my plans, journey and research. Living the dream!

March 17th 2017