Hello, Atlanta…Farewell, Michigan

I arrived and settled in Atlanta, GA, my new home for the next two years while I pursue my MTS (Master of Theological Studies) at Emory’s school of theology.  Everyone keeps asking for photos, so here’s the photo tour of my new place:



Here’s the enchanting entrance to my apartment stairs:


It was really weird to stand in my empty bedroom, look at the finality of bare walls, and see the memories I’d packed and the memories I was leaving. On the flip side, my new room is really cozy, filled with my books and pictures.





Here are my beautiful bookshelves, courtesy of my amazing sister and brother-in-law. They introduced me to Ikea. I don’t think I’ll ever be the same.



(and of course a close up of my birthday gift from my Best Friend)





My nephew, John, was very helpful, handing me books…and trying on my heels to make sure they were safe. Somehow he managed to not only get them on but also wobble around my apartment.



Cristina was horrified by my worn quilt (in my defense the puppies were the ones who chewed the holes) and dragged me to the bedding department in Ikea. Apparently, no respectible older sister allows her younger sister to have shabby bedding. Also, a Duvet and bed shams are a must.


Here’s the bathroom:


… and my keyboard:

photo (1)

I love that I can play and look out the window at the same time 🙂

And here’s the kitchen (artfully guarded by my Poodle statue):



Both my roommates are Candler girls too, and I’m so excited for these new friendships! Lauren and Grace will be moving in this coming weekend. (I’ve discovered a kindred nerd in Grace. We have almost identical tastes in books-both fiction and religious.)

Still, I’m really going to miss my  support system of friends and family back home. I’m counting on lots of visitors!








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