Children of the Sun


Children of the Sun

Golden, gaily tipped and spun,

Moving in harmony with the sky,

Faces uplifted to receive,

The Sun’s essence in utter ecstasy.

Yet should any choose to turn,

Obstinate, and light to spurn.

Their nature lost in shadow’s thrall, 

And no longer can they be called,

Children of the Sun.*

By Rebekah Haigh



My enchantment with Karl Rahner’s anthropology inspired this poem. Karl Rahner defined human nature as openness to the infinite, mysterious horizon of God. Unfortunately, we can never quite reach God; yet, to forsake this openness to God’s essence is to forsake our identity. Think of the sunflower- it is defined by its nature. It follows the sun through the sky, stretching up to meet its light yet never quite able to reach. If the sunflower simply gave up, stopped tracing the sun’s path across the sky, it would no longer be a sunflower. Yet, unlike the sunflower, there is one whose human nature was able, on our behalf, to finally join with God’s essence and light: Jesus Christ. 


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